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Freeride itinerary : l'Eteygeon

CLOSED for the rest of the winter season 2019 since March, 31st. 

For those addicted to powder and thrills, the domain of the 4Vallées is known all over the world for its slopes especially interesting for freeride skiing and snowboarding.

However, off-piste skiing requires a very good knowledge of the mountain, terrain, snow and risks. It is therefore strongly advised not to leave the marked trails without the appropriate safety equipment (DVA (Avalanche Victim Detector), shovel and probe) and the help of a mountain guide.
The Thyon ski area has a secure off-piste skiing route: l’Eteygeon.

Easy to access from the top of the 4 Vallées lifts, it enables you to enjoy a maximum of powder safely when the snow and weather conditions allow.

To get to l' Eteygeon, you must reach the Etherolla summit and then go down to the west to reach the "Tsa" ski lift. Then take the "Meina" and "Greppon Blanc 1" lifts at Les Chottes to reach the top of the secure route.  

HOW TO GET BACK : A shuttle service is available throughout the winter to take you back to the facilities at Les Masses from Praperrot. The fare is CHF 5.00 per person (cash only, no credit card).
TIMETABLE: 11h00,12h00,13h00,14h15 and 15h00 (the last bus will take you to Les Collons)
Télé-Thyon declines all responsibility in case of accident

A few safety rules: 

  1. Carefully plan your itinerary in advance and choose the best time to take it. It is important to prepare the downhill but also the return trip.
  2. Check the weather forecast and be aware of avalanche risks. Smartphone applications allow you to get this information: White Risk, Meteosuisse.
  3. Ask for information from trackers or locals who know the area perfectly well. 
  4. Take into account the hazard warning signs in mountain. They are generally located at the top of the lifts.  
  5. Before you leave, report precisely to your loved ones where and when you leave and give a return time.
  6. In any case, never leave alone. All members of the group (3 to 5 people) must be in top physical and healthy condition.
  7. Members of the group should monitor each other. 
  8. Carry an avalanche search device for avalanche victims (ARVA) in transit mode, a snow shovel and a probe you've learned to use beforehand.
  9. Never attempt a jump without being sure of the drop zone. 


Level Marked off-piste trails


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Summer schedule: 
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