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Benefit from a wide range of offers and advantages thanks to the hostcard! 

From sports initiations, discovery workshops, free transport to culinary delights, both young and old will be thrilled!

Let us inspire you and take advantage of the hostcard to live incredible experiences at low prices. 

Issued free of charge to all owners and guests staying at least two nights in the area.




I'm spending at least one night in the destination
Thyon - Les Collons


I receive the Hostcard
from my accomodation provider or at the tourist office


I make the most of the experiences
offered by hostcard


I share these good moments on the social networks

Term of validity :  01.06.2020 -  25.10.2020




Hostcard Benefits

Swimming Pool Thyon
Initiation to archery
Wildlife observation
Horse world
Fit in the fresh mountain air
Visit of Evolène's traditional villages
Countryside picking
Alpin Line
Oenoparc of the Celliers de Sion
Mountain pasture's schuttle bus
Restaurant La Cambuse
Web access - WIFI
Swiss Ski School Les Collons
Genolet Sports - Thyon 2000
Ice rink - les Collons 1800
Theytaz Sport
Genolet Sports - Les Collons
Swiss Ski School Thyon 2000
Skibus Pralong - Les Masses
Swimming Pool Thyon
Hérémence Ice rink

How to benefit from the hostcard?

Visitors, owners of second homes or tenants/guests in the municipality of Vex will benefit this summer from numerous free and reduced prices on activities and in the various shops in the resort.


Visitors staying at least two nights in the region of Thyon can get the hostcard from their accommodation provider or at the tourist office.

Owners of second homes in Thyon

Owners whose property is located in the municipality of Vex and who pay tourist taxes benefit from the hostcard. 

The number of cards per owner is determined according to the square meters of the accommodation :

- up to 49 m2 => two cards
- from 50 to 74 m2 => three maps
- from 75 to 99 m2=> four maps
- from 100 to 124m2 => five cards
- from 125 to 149m2 => six maps
- from 150 to 174m2 => seven maps
- 175 m2and more => eight maps

Owners who also pay the accommodation tax can benefit from an unlimited number of cards (when renting their property for example).

Tenants and guests residing in the municipality of Vex

The hostcard is issued to tenants and guests residing in the municipality of Vex who pay the tourist tax. It is valid for the duration of their stay.

The Hostcard is not nominative.

It is possible to buy additional cards at a preferential rate for your family at the price of 20.- fr. for adults and 10.- fr. for children.
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Saturday – Sunday : Closed

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