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Télé-Thyon, a limited, ski lift company with many assets and a clear and ambitious investment policy.

Télé-Thyon : many assets for a limited ski lift company in constant development.

Télé-Thyon SA has experienced important development over the past few years. An attractive ski domain, the latest mechanical snow cover machines and access to the 4 Valleys have clearly contribued to the success of the company. The financial results reflect this development and allow the company to present an ambitious investment policy.

Fruit of this policy, the inauguration of the new Etherolla chairlift in December 2008. This new chairlift has brought a definite increase in value to our ski domain. The slope was also redesigned and adapted to the influx of skiers. Today, this lift can transport more than 9000 skiers compared to 4500 before.

An investment and diversification policy that pays off for Télé-Thyon.

The development of the company also includes a diversification of its activities. Before just a ski lift company, Télé-Thyon SA also holds today a rental agency for holiday apartments, a restaurant and the public swimming pool at Thyon 2000. These new activities allow the company to promote and sell new package products responding to the needs of the resort’s clientele.

Practical guide for shareholders season 2016-2017 (in French)

Facing important competition and largely dependant on weather conditions, we need to pursue in this direction and several tens of millions of CHF in investment have been foreseen over the next 15 years. Indeed, the progressive modernization of our installations foreseeing a reduction of the number of lifts with an increase in output and the finalization of the network of mechanical snow machines, as well as the creation of new infrastructure (picnic rooms, snow bar , etc.) should allow us to stand out from our competition and welcome our clientele in the best possible conditions.

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