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Promotion - Voucher 100 Swiss Francs

25 / 07 / 2020

Stay as you are. And benefit all the more.

Benefit all the more from your holidays in Valais !

Climb to the summits by cableways, rent a mountain bike, savour a tasty meal in a restaurant or relax in the thermal waters, visit a museum or buy some local produce. With this promotion you can access a wide range of offers without breaking the bank. If you stay in Valais between 27th July and 15th December, we’ll give you a voucher worth a hundred Swiss francs you can spend in any participating shops and tourist service providers.
These vouchers will be gifted between 27th July to 15th December and are issued according to the length of your reservation:
• for a two consecutive night stay in a hotel
• for a four consecutive night stay in a holiday home of
• for a seven consecutive night stay in a campsite
Vouchers are valid for 30 days from the date of issue and  until all 100,000 vouchers available are used.

How the vouchers work

Issued by hotels and tourist offices, the 100 CHF promotion comes in 5 vouchers worth CHF 20.- each. They can be printed so you can have a physical copy, or sent by email when you check into your hotel or visit a tourist office (when you show a confirmation of your reservation).
Vouchers can be transferred and combined to act as payment. They cannot, however, in any circumstance be exchanged for cash nor can you receive monetary change when you make a payment with them.
The vouchers are valid at the shops and partners taking part in this promotion for a duration of 30 days from the date of issue.
The list of participating hotels and the tourist offices that can issue vouchers is available below.
FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Partners taking part in the promotion

Find the accommodation, shops and tourism organisations taking part in this promotion around your holiday destination below.