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More than 30% discount for both the mentor and the sponsored person

The 4 Vallées has developed a programm whereby customers with a seasonal or annual pass can get a discount of over 30% on a 4 Vallées pass, if they refer a new customer*.

The adult price for this pass is CHF 999 (previously CHF 1,449) which is more than 30% discount on the public price of a 4 Vallées annual pass* alors offered to the newly referred customer to the following conditions:

Sponsorship conditions:
  • The mentor must have paid a season or annual pass, Printze or 4 Vallées, in 2019- 2020 or/and 2020-2021.
  • The mentee must have had no season or annual, Printze or 4 Vallées, in 2019- 2020 and 2020-2021.
  • Both individuals must buy an annual 4Vallées 2021-2022 at the same lift cashier’s desk. Or fill out the sponsorship form available here (download and fill it on your computer).
  • A sponsor can bring several mentees but cannot cumulate sponsorship discounts.
  • To benefit from this offer, a sponsor must bring a mentee of a higher or egal price category.
  • The sponsorship deal cannot be combined with other discounts. (presale, Mont4Card. or others).

*Please note that this programme does not apply to special prices such as presales, mountain guides, ski teachers, municipalities, etc. See condition for sponsorship above.



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