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Activités d'hiver

Snow sports & Respect


With the support of the "Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)", this association is committed to promoting a respectful behaviour of our environment and the natural surroundings among snow sports lovers.

Skiers, snowboarders, freeriders, ski and snowshoe hikers, etc. the aim is to offer an intense and conflict-free discovery of nature. Because as long as the wildlife areas are respected, prohibitions and barriers can be limited and nature remains open to all those who wish to discover it.

The association sets up fallback zones to protect wildlife. The location of these zones are indicated on the snowshoe and ski touring maps and also on the slope maps. Signage on the terrain also allows sportsmen and women to remain attentive to these zones.

Respecting these areas does not only provide a safe winter environment for wildlife, but also allows all sports lovers to share it. This cohabitation is possible and sustainable as long as sportspeople behave in an informed and respectful manner towards nature and its fauna.

Here are four main rules in the natural outdoors:
  1. Respect designated wildlife areas and reserves
  2. Stay on paths and designated routes in the forest
  3. Avoid forest edges and snow-free surfaces
  4. Keep your dog on a lead, particularly in the forest