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Snowpark - Funpark

If you enjoy challenging descents combining action and balance, you will love the new FUNPARK.

Ride banked turns, different sizes of whoops, waves and a huge range of freestyle features, each more fun than the last.

This new FUNPARK includes two different lines:
  • THE CENTRAL PARK LINE, made up of Medium features for lovers of freestyling and shredding.
  • THE GASPARD LE MONTAGNARD FUN LINE, made up of Small features to allow riders to try out jibbing and improve progressively.
These new courses are maintained daily and are laid out for every level of jibbing.
NEW! This winter, learn new tricks on the airbag


Snowpark - Funpark

Snowpark - Funpark

Location / Access

GPS coordinates :
46.176024, 7.379388