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What is telemark?

Telemark was invented in the 19th century. He is the ancestor of skiing.
The heels are detached from the bindings - they are referred to as "free" heels - allowing the telemarker to bend the inner leg at each turn.Today, the telemark is part of the International Ski Federationand a World Cup competition circuit, as well as some World Championships are held every winter. Telemark is one of the sports on the list to integrate the Olympic Games in the future.
The resort has regularly hosted FIS Telemark World Cup rounds since 2000 and has even hosted the 2007 World Championships in telemark.
A CLUB OPEN TO ALL: Under the impulse of Françoise Matter-Besse - former world champion in telemarketing - and some followers of the discipline, a telemark club was formed in 2001. The "Mouch' PaBa club" (meaning "don't fall" in the regional dialect) has a hundred members of all ages. Its objective is to promote telemark practice and motivate young people to compete. Numerous telemark outings as well as technical courses for young athletes ("Mouch' Tech") are organized each winter by the club. A popular nocturnal race - called the "Mouch' Paba Race" - allows amateurs of all levels to test their technical skills in a relaxed and festive atmosphere every year.
TELEMARK LESSONS: The Swiss Ski School also has many telemark enthusiasts in its instructors and you can also take private lessons on request.

The equipment rental is possible in the sports shops of the resort.




The world capital of telemark

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