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your winterExperiencein Thyon - Hérémence


Experience unforgettable family moments with our exceptional activities! Whether you’re young or old, we’ve got everything you need to have fun and create priceless memories. Explore nature on our outdoor outings, give free rein to your creativity in our fun workshops, and unwind as a family in our moments of relaxation and sharing. Join us and let us offer you unique experiences in the Valais Alps”.

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Discover a multitude of activities

Discover the Thyon and Hérémence Region, a magnificent area of the Valais Alps, ideal for a summer family vacation. Scenic hikes, thrilling mountain biking and activities around water and animals await.

Children will love exploring nature, while parents can relax and enjoy the local cuisine. Be sure to visit the traditional villages of the Hérémence region. Experience the perfect destination for an unforgettable family vacation.

Thyon 4 Vallées - ski area

The Thyon ski area will open its ski area and facilities daily from Friday, December 8, 2023 and will be open until April 14, 2024.


Val des Dix

At the foot of wintering Grande Dixence, Pralong takes on the air of the end of the world. From Léteygeon to Pralong, via the Mandelon mountain pasture, you can enjoy a host of winter activities with a breathtaking view of the dam’s snow-covered wall. Cross-country skiing, dog-sledding, snowshoeing or skiing – a wide range of winter activities awaits you in a magical setting. Marvel at the vast snow-covered landscapes. You don’t have to travel to Scandinavia to enjoy a magical winter. In the Val des Dix, there’s a touch of Lapland about.

Les Masses and Hérémence

Hérémence is a charming village in the Valais region of Switzerland. Nestled in the heart of the Alps, it offers a picturesque setting combining tradition and modernity, as well as breathtaking scenery.
Les Masses is an ideal starting point for reaching the 4 vallées ski area. A great way to ski smart from Sion. And after a day on the slopes, it’s time to recharge your batteries at the Grands Bains d’Hérémence.


all winter long
Hôtel Restaurant - La CambuseHôtel Restaurant la Cambuse
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Festive Ascension: mountain lifts open for businessENTERTAINMENT/RECREATIONThyon, Vex
Hiking night on the heights of ThyonNATURE AND RELAXATIONLes Collons, Vex
Kids on the moveNATURE AND RELAXATIONThyon, Vex
Caribou Ranch partyNATURE AND RELAXATIONThyon, Vex
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