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Your vacationclose to nature
Live Thyon

Between friends

Sporty or chill

will be your vacation

Come to Thyon with your friends. You’ll find a nice place to stay, with a balcony or a terrace. Local products for your taste buds and beer and wine from the region. And activities without any headaches. Looking for fun? We recommend scooter rides, Thyon-Sion, arrival at the islands for an aperitif with your feet in the water.

Want to hone your knowledge of beer and cheese specialties? Head to Ranch le Caribou on Tuesday night for an hour of tasting. If you want to learn more about the Alpage de Thyon, Inès will be happy to explain how it works, afterwards you can enjoy the terrace of the Alpage restaurant. A little tired? Take the Etherolla, Masses or Trabanta chairlifts to get closer to the summits. And even take a (small) hike.

Come, you’ll see, Thyon between friends is nice.


I let myself be inspired

by the activities

Local gastronomy, horseback riding, scooters, mountain bikes, Chill in Thyon 2000.