The legend of theKing of the Forest

Escape game in the middle of nature

In partnership with Trapgame, we present a brand new outdoor adventure set in the Forest of Thyon.
Although the difficulty of the puzzles makes this adventure suitable for an adult audience, the entire game can be played with the whole family with children of all ages, who will be able to actively participate in all stages helped by their parent/s.

After hearing about the legend of the King of the Forest, your curiosity pushes you to learn more and you set out on his tracks. Your adventure begins at the Thyon Tourist Office, where our team will pass on to you all the information in their possession about this legend.

What I need to know

to succeed in my experience
Duration of the adventure

Duration of the adventure: approximately 3 hours including 1 to 2 hours/s of walking.

The first part is done only on foot on a mostly flat trail; toward the middle of the adventure, you can choose to do the climb (330 m elevation gain) by car or on foot. Be sure to read the legend on the map, which will tell you when you can take your vehicle.

Beware if you choose to climb on foot, plan to add an extra 1 hour to the game time (time up + back down to retrieve your vehicle left at the start)


Price and group size

This adventure is for a one-time flat fee of CHF 90.- per team of up to 6 players.

The puzzles and some areas have been designed for teams of up to 6 players. Therefore, beyond 6 players, we recommend that you create 2 teams in order to enjoy a successful game experience.

Important preliminary information about this adventure

Before you leave, we recommend printing out the PDF of the game that you will receive with your reservation confirmation (printing recommended for your playing comfort, but not an absolute necessity);

On-site to play, you will need a smartphone that can flash a QR code.

Other practical information

The adventure takes place following a path through the forest. Bring appropriate shoes and clothing.
On the course, you will find picnic spots as well as a restaurant and refreshment stand (not in one place, but along the course).

Play time is estimated; your reservation is good for the entire day, so you are not limited in time and can take your time playing and roaming the forest.

Gift vouchers as well as Trapgame coupons valid for our indoor worlds cannot be used for this outdoor adventure.