Airs of the Great Northin Thyon

Dog sledding

Our dogs can’t wait to meet you! Easy to access, the dog sledding baptism in Thyon 2000 is ideal to enjoy a friendly and playful moment with your family. On a course repeated several times, participants take turns to experience the novel sensations of mushing.

Players, our dogs are always delighted by the presence of children and will gladly let themselves be petted or have their picture taken.

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About this offer
Duration: 30 minutes
An atypical activity to share with family or friends. Take turns on a sled pulled by 8 Siberian huskies. A discovery as much of the animal as of the sport that is mushing. An experience that will transport you to the North.


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      20. 02


    • Sitting on the sled
    • Taking pictures
    • Petting the dogs
    • Ask the musher questions

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  • Clothing

    – It is imperative to wear good shoes for walking on snow and a jacket.
    – We strongly advise against fur (real or fake) as this material can be confusing for dogs

  • Weather

    – If the weather does not allow us to do the activity (too windy or thick fog) we will refund the service.
    – If the weather is not exceptional but we can do the activity, the customer cannot cancel and ask for a refund.

  • Responsibility

    – The client is aware of the risks associated with a sporting activity such as mushing and is in good general health. People with fear of dogs, vertigo or heart problems are advised to avoid our activity.
    – We decline all responsibility for health problems related to the mountain and the cold.


  • Language

    French & English

  • Unforeseen

    It is important to arrive at the indicated site on time. In case of significant delay the provider will not be able to guarantee the entirety of the planned service.

    In case of possible delay or other unforeseen circumstances, participants are requested to notify the organizers at the number provided in the booking confirmation email.