One seasonat the rink

A season at the rink

The Collons skating rink is open all winter for the pleasure of young and old. You can simply skate or play field hockey or Eisstock. The rink’s refreshment stand also organizes festive events throughout the season. It is also possible to rent skates at the refreshment bar during the opening hours.

Regain your strength

in the sun

The ice rink will be closed from Monday 8 April

Depending on weather conditions, particularly high temperatures, the ice rink may be totally or partially closed.

Ice rink opening times: closed

Refreshment bar opening times: 3pm-8pm

Eisstock: this is a winter sport that has much in common with curling. It is considered to be the same as pétanque on ice, but events are also held in summer. It is a sport traditionally played in Alpine countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The rules: Two teams of three players play against each other, each equipped with discs (Eisstöcke). The aim is to throw as close as possible to a puck that serves as a goal (cochonnet). (source: wikipedia)

Events at the rink

The refreshment bar 1800

for the aperitif

LA BUVETTE1800, aka LA PATOCH, ice rink refreshment stand. A playground, an ice rink and a refreshment bar! A place in the center of the Collons resort. A few places inside, but above all a nice place to share a drink. The will of the refreshment bar is to offer only food prepared by them, mainly based on regional products, as well as local drinks.

Their products:

  • La galette valaisanne: galette seigle / paillasse / raclette cheese / raw ham
  • La galette aux légumes: galette paillasse / raclette cheese / leeks and carrots
  • La galette mozza: galette paillasse / mozzarella / tomato sauce / smoked bacon
  • La Küche: clear galette paillasse / onions / spicy cream / smoked bacon
  • The Croque valaisan: wholemeal bread / raclette cheese / cured ham
  • The Burger valaisan: wholemeal seeded bread / steak / spicy tomato sauce / St. Bernard herb mayo
  • The Waffle: plain (sugar, cinnamon, Nutella, apricotine…)

The specials:
In addition to their selection of products and assortment of beverages served throughout the season, some weekends and weeks “high season” they will treat you with surprise menus.