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Admire themost famous peaks

360 degree panorama

on the Swiss Alps

The area offers 360-degree panoramic views of the finest peaks in the Swiss Alps: Matterhorn, Dent Blanche, Weisshorn, La Maya, Mont Blanc de Cheilon and many more.

Downhill skiing

A breathtaking view

On the Thyon 4 Vallées ski area you’ll have a 360° panorama of the Swiss Alps.

Our best viewpoints on the slopes:

  • Piste de l’Etherolla: View of the Matterhorn, Dent-Blanche, Mont-Blanc Cheillon.
  • Piste de la Trabanta : View of the Maya, Tservalire, Les Becs de Bosson
  • Piste des Masses: View of the Grande-Dixence dam

Bonus: The safe, signposted Eteygeon freeride run offers you the route closest to the Vallée des Dix.

Ski touring

with view

  • Les Collons 1900 – Thyon 2000: view of Mont Blanc from Cheillon
  • Les Collons 1800 – Thyon 2000: view of the Rhône plain

Our hiking and snowshoeing trails also offer beautiful scenery and diverse panoramas.