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From the village, discover the winter landscapes with the fir trees under the white gold, observe the most beautiful snow-covered summits of the Swiss Alps, like the view on the Dent Blanche or the Matterhorn. The different itineraries are adapted to each level and reserve their share of discoveries. For example, the didaludic trail to learn more about the hosts of the bear forest or the chottes walk which leads you to its restaurant in the heart of the ski area in one hour of hiking.

Discover the fauna of the region thanks to the playful signs placed along the way!

This trail is located at an altitude of 1800-1900 meters. It is located between Thyon-Les Collons and the Ours trail. It runs through a forest of spruce, fir, larch, etc.

The Didaludic Trail was made by the students of the Cycle d’Orientation du Val d’Hérens. The five didactic panels along the trail are really worth a look: all nicely illustrated by the students, they give interesting information, without being too complicated or long to read. Everything is in French, German and English.

The topics covered on the educational panels are:

– The Alpine marmot
– The cry-cry of the zoizos
– The bear
– Green energies
– Ants

Take the challenge, answer the trail quizzes and win a souvenir!

Midway along the trail, at the Gouilli d’en bas, a picnic spot by a small body of water offers a welcome moment of relaxation, before starting the return journey.

Of medium difficulty, this uphill route will take you from Collons 1800 to Thyon 2000 through the trees and the preserved vegetation of this forest corner.

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